Enhance your campaigns with interactive, shareable content

Customise the game, add video, text, images, music and voice over. Engage new followers and track the results.

What is MakeGames?

MakeGames offers a range of customisable, interactive game templates that allow you to educate and promote your message.

We’ll work with you to define the content, and if you wish, provide video, illustration, music and voice over.

When you’re ready to go live we’ll send you a unique URL and access details so you can track users and statistics.

Use the game templates to raise awareness and promote your campaign

  • Promoting a film on Zika made by the charity Medical Aid Films and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine


  • Raising awareness of air pollution for Parents for Future who support the youth in their demands for a safe climate future


  • Raising awareness of malaria for the Fight Malaria website


  • Raising awareness of Zika for a crowdfunding campaign by the charity Medical Aid Films


  • Using video and voice over, Irregular Verbs consolidates English language learning


  • Care for the carers highlights the statistics around people caring for loved ones with dementia


  • A unique statistics page, like this one, will be provided so the game owner can track users and results


What our clients say

Malaria: The Basics for the charity Fight Malaria

“I am thrilled with the positive response this quiz has received! It has been a useful tool to engage and educate followers and through the insights tool, I could analyse responses.”

– Thomas Locke

Fight Malaria has 1618 Twitter followers. From the original tweet there were 20 retweets and 55 likes. The game has been played 298 times and users have clicked ‘Find out more’ 41 times.

One Twitter user commented that the game was ‘Informative, interactive and easy to play’.


  • Play on
    all devices

  • Share on
    social media

  • Embed into

  • Collate data

  • Gain audience

  • Theme games with
    your branding

  • Use music
    & voice over

  • Add illustrations,
    photos & icons

  • Add a call
    to action

  • Add links to
    further information

About us

MakeGames.online is made by Alternative View Studios Ltd who are a small, independent team of illustrators, animators, designers and developers who have been creating high-quality digital content for almost 20 years.

We specialise in creating games and animation for the charity, education and health sectors. Our clients include Cambridge University Press, The Health Foundation, Liverpool CAMHS and Oxford University Press.

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